Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Indycar Slang Dictionary

As it has quite possibly been well overdue to become reality, (and since some insist that silly season isn't really in full-swing yet) we here at the Ground(ed) Effects blog hereby provide an open space for Indycar fans to participate in (what I believe to be) the first ever Indycar Slang Dictionary.

Your valuable assistance will help reduce the painful embarrassment thousands of newer or lesser informed Indycar fans may be forced to endure every day around their workplace, home, forums, or Twitter accounts, by not having the best slang or popular reference associated with the sport of Indycar.  Please help us all keep abreast of the current and past lingo associated with the wildly popular Indycar Series by submitting today.

Please submit (either via email to or simply as a comment below) your Indycar slang words with part of speech, definition, and an example of how the word is used. While this space is meant to be fun and not an official product of Indycar, IMS, or Hulman & Co. branding in anyway, we also do not aim to violate any copyright laws, so...

NOTE: If your word is an unregistered trademark, unlicensed service mark, or registered trademark, please do not submit. If you want are unsure of the origin is trademarked,  please refer to The US Patent and Trademark Office registry or if the owners of such items wish to submit for reference, we will accept them here. 

Again, we are searching primarily only for slang or popular references. If you only have only a word of reference, we will attempt to complete the definition as best we can.  Further, we will attempt to continue to compile ad infinitum for posterity (or at least until people quit submitting/ceases to be fun).

Some early submissions include:
King Hiro
chrome horn
Princess Sparkle Pony

Please feel free to throw words here for submission. I'll review them and contact you with any questions.  Many thanks for you assistance!


  1. Yellow Shirt
    Gas man (Sneva)
    Either going to put it in the wall or in the show
    Flyin' Hawaiian
    The Rocket
    Da Mears
    The Racing Dentist
    Bronco Brad
    The Cowboy (RB)
    Alley Cats
    Eyes on it...
    5 for Foyt
    AJ's messing with the popoff valve
    Snake Pit
    Shiggy Fever
    Cheever Fever
    Banzai Run
    Ride Buyer
    Furnier (foreigner)
    Slowing down on the back stretch
    On the bubble
    Bumb day
    Bubble popper
    Show us your ...
    Happy Hour
    It's a transporter. Period.
    You just don't know what Indy means
    Silly Season
    Cheever Sandwich
    Uh Oh Roberto
    Stay Cool Raoul
    Coke Lot
    North 40
    Travelling Circus
    Peanuts in the garage

  2. Rick, you da man, man. Expect a return of some lore for your site as well! Many thanks!

  3. Orange Juice?!?! (must be said with disdain)

  4. Here's a few more:
    Yellow Submarine
    Silent Sam
    Woosh Mobile
    The Donald (and I don't mean trump!)
    Greasy Old Salad Bar (Eliseo Salazar)
    Uncle Bobby
    To be real truthful with you
    Spider Man
    That Darn Coogan
    Andretti Luck
    Super Tex
    Lone Star JR
    It's not my fault....
    Roth the Sloth
    Window in Terre Haute
    Marco Greco wrote Foyt a Checko
    Paging Felipe Giaffone at Babies R Us