Tuesday, May 1, 2012

INDYCON Level 4 and Origins Redux

Once upon a time (a simpler and shinier time before children and 9/11 and recessions came bouncing along) I had enough free time to work a full-time job and have the luxury of considering what to do with some bonus evening hours on the weekends while my wife worked (chief photog for our local newspaper).

I fell into the semi-occasional freelance writing gig for my local newspaper covering high school sports on Friday and Saturday nights during football and basketball seasons. This went a 'fer piece up tha road' to satisfying my personal need for a creative outlet. As a bonus, I picked up a few scraps of extra cash which I promptly dumped into little mods here and there on my freelance transportation vehicle (our 1994 Miata C-pkg red with tan leather... I really do miss that car).

This was about.. (oh, what?! It can't be!) thirteen years ago and just.. (oh, wow already?!) four years ago I discovered blogging. It wasn't long before I discovered just how technically simple producing a blog can be. My writing now had an outlet that actually could be read by as many as I wanted to see it. As I began to blog, one subject kept bobbing on the surface of my writing thoughts - The Indianapolis 500. This lead me to start a blog strictly for my fascination with the Indy 500 and Indycar racing which is what you read today.

Now, on this first day of May as I set my INDY-CON (INDY-500 CONdition rating system) to level 4, I realize many who read this blog now may be unaware of the origins. The first day of May is when I traditionally take a look back to one my favorite memories of my youth and of my father. 

Please forgive me as I take the road most lazy and give you the link to the aforementioned nostalgic post...

What does the first day of May trigger for you?


  1. Was 1979 your first year going to the Speedway? It was mine, which I will probably write about in the next day or two.

  2. Yea Mike it was my first despite pleading for the four years prior to no avail.

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